Finance helps you get your desired car through a simple and hassle-free processes, making you full fill your dream by driving the car you ever wanted to.

The finance section of will tell you how enlisting your cars here can help you get good amount, the featured ad prices, paypal account and bank account details for the new and used cars ads.

A Viral Spread of Your Used and New Car Ads on the Social Media

We take pride in providing you free listings for your used cars. When you enlist your used car for sale here with us then your ad will be shared on our all social media channels like facebook,
twitter, and linked In etc. In this way there are pretty much chances for you to get a good amount for your car, making your finances better.

Our newsletter have been subscribed by more than 2000 Canadian people all over the Canada and if you enlist your car on Canadian Wheels then these all people will receive emails about your used and new cars. And this will surely brighten your chances of getting a good and potential buyer.

Feature Ads

To enjoy the amazing opportunity of being at top can only be attained by feature ads. Through this you can get more than 500 hits within few hours and surely the response is quick and

You can also have the opportunity of putting your ads on the banners as you can see on the very right side of your screen or at the footer. In this way you are also making your Used Car or
New Car ads visible to every person who is visiting our site. Through Feature Ads and Banners you can get the very desired and wanted amount of your cars as the number of potential
buyers increases many fold.

Enlistment of Accessories and Cars

This is the first time that a site is giving you the opportunity of enlisting your accessories and your used and new cars on the very same site. Canadian wheels feel proud for giving this opportunity to its all valuable clients and customers. This opportunity saves your time, giving  you an edge to fatten your pocket by selling you accessories and cars without wasting your time here and there.

Paid Ads

To make familiar our customers and clients and to give them an edge is offering free listings for the time being. Without paying us a single cent you can enlist your ads here for free. But from August 2014 the Ads will no more be free. You will have to pay a nominal amount for listings your ads on this number one site of Canada. Don’t worry the amount will be less in comparison with the other sites. The bank ccount details and paypal account number will soon be added here for your convenience.