Feature Your Ads

What is Feature Ad?

Feature Ads attract a lot of customers and gain their attention as they stay on home page of thecanadianwheels.ca for a week and maximize your car selling chances just within a few days. Free Ads are the ones that get update regularly and slip down when more ads are submitted but Feature Ads always stay on Top.

  • Top-drawer Publicity

Your ad appears on the home page and gets million views monthly!

  • Sell your Vehicle Faster

According to Our research featured ads gets a remarkable and better response than a normal ad.

  • Effective than newspaper

Newspapers  offers you a limited space for  your ads and also your ad in a news paper is for a single day while thecanadianwheels.ca features it for a week, giving you an entire page for your ad!

  • Invincible Coverage

It gives you a strong and invincible coverage as your ad also gets displayed on top of our search listings!

How to Feature Your AD?

Featuring your ad on thecanadianwheels.ca is very easy. You just need to follow certain instructions. First of all you just post your car for sale on thecanadianwheels.ca and note down your AD ID (displayed on your Ad page). After making payment through one of the methods mentioned below you may call our representative on __________ with payment details.